I am a Touch Guitarist / composer based in Kerken, Germany.

My passion for music starte at the age of five when I started playing the piano. For now, I am playing touchstyle instruments since 18 years in various musical styles. My roots are based in progressive rock and heavy metal but through the years I also got to know a lot of world music especially Indian music. Besides playing with several jazz/fusion bands I also did progressive rock/neo classic arrangements
for symphony orchestra. All these musical influences left its marks on my projects always honoring my rock music roots.

I use the Touch Guitars U8 and U10 as tools to write and arrange music using several techniques on one instrument.

All these musical influences left its marks on my projects always honoring my rock music roots.

Since 2013 I am part of Touch Guitars® doing demonstrations and showcases at music fairs and concerts all over the world (f.ex. NAMM 18′, Guitar Summit ’17/’18). In January ’20 I became the CEO of Touch Guitars.

My current band projects go from classic heavy rock through progressive and post rock to modern neo classical music. Actually I am working on several musical collaborations for improvisations. The latest ISAAC VACUUM album which I produced was highly acclaimed in the german press (album of the month in Rock Hard and Gitarre & Bass magazine). We also started our very own festival called VACUUMFEST which premiered successfully in 2018.

Promotion/Workshops and Demos with Touch Guitars

10|04|2018 – 17 I 04 I 2018 – Touch Guitar Circle Workshop in Berlin, Germany
27|04|2018 – Workshop at Rock Bar Download in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
27|03|2018 – Tony Levin’s Stick Men (Showcase at Concert) Amsterdam, Melkweg
29|01|2018 – 28 I 01 I 2018 – Winter NAMM 18 Show in Los Angeles (Demos for Kemper Amps / Kirlin Cables)
29|10|2017 – 02 I 10 I 2017 – Euroblast Festival 17 (booth for Touchguitars and playing with ISAAC VACUUM)
08|09|2017 – 10 I 09 I 2017 – Guitar Summit 2017 (Workshops for Visitors, Demos at Eich Amp booth)
05|04|2017 – 08 I 04 I 2017 – Musikmesse Frankfurt 2017 (for Kemper Amps/Eich Amps)
05|04|2017 – 08 I 04 I 2017 – Musikmesse Frankfurt 2016 (Demos at Bassline booth and playing at Musikmesse Festival)
13|07|2016 – Tony Levin’s Stick Men (Touch Guitar Showcase at Concert) W2, Heerlen Zoetermeer, Netherlands
12|10|2016 – Tony Levin’s Stick Men (Touch Guitar Showcase at Concert) Borderij Zoetermeer, Netherlands
28|07|2016 – 24|07|2016 – E-Tap Seminar in Belgium (teaching and performing the whole week at AKDT Academy)


2018|05 – First issue of VACUUMFEST (/w Long Distance Calling, Amplifier, Awooga)
2018|04 – Bulgaria Tour with ISAAC VACUUM (/w Nameless Day Ritual)
– Release of David Loga debut EP
2017|03|18 – Release of first full length ISAAC VACUUM album.
2017|02|01 – Release of THE|SPUR. – “Rebirth”
Since 2017 – Touring with ISAAC VACUUM played with the Intersphere, Devin Townsend, the Hirsch Effekt and at Euroblast Festival, Olgas Rock, Musikmesse Festival, Namm Show
Since 2016 – Stage Manager at Rage Against Racism Festival
Since 2015 – Representative and Sales for Touch Guitars 2016 – recording of ISAAC VACUUM Full length album @ SH Studio and leFink Studio
 – Winner “Best of Unsigned” Contest with ISAAC VACUUM
2015 – recording and release of the first ISAAC VACUUM EP (Post.Prog.Rock)
2016 – recording of first David Loga EP
2015 – Studio recodings of the Spur – Prog Rock, everything recorded at SHStudio
2015 – return to Past MD (Heavy Rock) as a keyboard player for festival gigs (with Kraftclub, Jan Delay, Guano Apes etc.)
2015 – recording of Comalounge full length CD. Pop Rock Music
2013 – 2016 – member of Pop/Rock projekt “Comalounge”
2013 – founder of SH Studio in Kerken, Germany
2012 – free improvation concerts with musicians from all over the world
2012 – Member of the Touch Guitar Circle  with Trey Gunn (Security Project) and Markus Reuter ( Stick Men)
2012 – recording of “Profilneurose” with Weygold 10
2011 – 2012 – Europe tour “Circling over Europe” with Past M.D.
2010 – CD release of Past M.D. – Circles through Bellaphon Records
2010 – member of Past M.D. (Heavy Rock/Metal)
2010 – Sitar lessons with Jaydeep Bhanja Choudhury (INDIA)
2009 – free improvation concerts with musicians from all over the world
2009 – collaboration with Loop String Project and dance choreographer Simona Argentieri
2009 – collaboration between Loop String Project and the Wermelskirchener Sinfonieorchester
2008 – festival gigs with Weygold 10 (with Klaus Doldinger, Panzebalett, Max Mutzke, Mars Williams)
2007 – 2012 – member of the group Weygold 10 (jazz rock, fusion)
2007 – 2010 – member of the group Loop Sting Project (world music, classic, jazz , Progressive)
2006 – recording of “Yatra 2007″ with new international lineup
2006 – 2007 – member of the world music group “Yatra” led by Ex-Nina Hagen Band guitarist Peter Kühnel
2003 – 2005 – travels to France an the Netherlands for concerts and seminars
2003 – cd-contribution “Devotion” with Healthy Distance for the first “German Stick Players Compilation” (released through TP9 Records)
2001 – 2014 – Founder of the Dong Open Air Festival and Organizer/Stage Manager until 2014
2001 – 2006 – Formation of “Healthy Distance” (jazz rock with two chapman stick players)
2003 – Release of Folkedudl Demo-CD “Die Boten des Königs”
1999 – 2004 – formation of “Folkedudl” (folk metal)
1995 – 1999 – member in death metal, progressive Metal Bands
1989 – 1999 – classical piano music education at music school in Neukirchen-Vluyn and several private teachers